Terms & Conditions

  1. You have to pay agent fees as mentioned in” Fee Structure” which includes loading fee, one transportation, documentation & customs clearance and excludes following services:
    • extra charges for transportation if auction site is located in far away from the port or   if it has two destination for transport
    • charges for container shipment such as terminal handling / vanning / dragging
    • charges for JAAI test required
    • charges for ODO meter test if required
    • washing service if required
    • We charge upto yen (¥ 20,000 (according to the auction system)) if the bid in auction is successful
    • other extra service if any
  2. In order to be able to bid in the auctions, you are requested to deposit yen (¥100,000 or USD$1,200) to our bank account mentioned in our BANK DETAILS
    • Your deposit can be refunded at any time after deducting yen(¥ 20,000) as processing fee if you do not succeed in the auction
    • Your deposit can be used as purchase cost of vehicle or kept as it is for further bidding
    • All bank charges shall be paid by the customer
  3. Remaining payment shall be required by T.T. (telegraphic transfer ) remittance either in Japanese yen or US dollar within 4 working days of notification after succeeding in Auction to our Bank account mentioned in our BANK DETAILS
    (We basically operate in Japanese yen. so use US dollar in exceptional case)
  4. Shipment shall be made upon receipt of full payment subject to ship space available and cargo readiness. Shipping documents will be sent which include B/L original upon shipment by courier.
  5. If you request to cancel the order after succeeding in Auction, your deposit will be refunded subtracting yen (¥ 20,000) as processing fee. And on any loss incurred from re-auction of the vehicle, you shall be liable for any losses exceeding the amount of deposit.
  6. If you will delay for payment from the notification , it may result of vehicle being re-auctioned at expense of the buyer.
  7. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time without notice.
  8. We assist to check the inspection of the vehicle in addition to the condition and grading reported by the Auction houses but we offer no warranty and no guarantee for the condition of the vehicle.
  9. We can not be held responsible nor liable for anything beyond control and force which may include any damage of transport and shipment or any errors by the auction houses.
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