Shipping Rates

Japan Quality Exports have been in the car exports business for quite some time so we have a great standing business relationship with the shipping companies. We are able to organize the shipping for any automotive vehicle to most major ports around the world.

Once you purchase your car we will organize everything to get your car to your closest port. Depending on which country you live in you will pay for shipping upfront or at your port. We also recommended that you have a nominated customs agent at your port to receive and process the export documents.

Shipping rates may vary month to month without prior notice by the shipping companies.
Area Country Port Freight ($)
Antigua St John’s 141.27 m3
Jamaica Kingston 105.77 m3
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain 120.20 m3
Dominica republic St. Domingo 117.21 m3
Dominica (Commonwealth) Roseau 128.79 m3
Bermuda Hamilton 130.41 m3
Bahamas Freeport 123.75 m3
New Zealand Any port 0-20m3 NZ$1165/unit m3
Kiribati Tarawa 220 m3
North America
Canada New Westminster 80 m3
South America
Chili Iquiqu 900/unit under m3
Europe & Mediterrane
Ireland Dublin 75 m3
Kenya Mombassa 92 m3
Mozambique Durban 92 m3
Far East & Asia & Mi
Russia Vladiostock 1-20m3 294/unit + 3650/unit m3
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