Documents Required for Importing into Germany

  • Copy of passport or other identification
  • Residence Registration Confirmation
  • Copy of certificate of Title and Registration
  • Proof of Ownership – bill of sale, commercial invoice: required for vehicles in the owner’s possession less than 6 months
  • Insurance Card – from origin country
  • Export permit
  • Original vehicle registration papers
  • Third Party Liability Insurance – initiated at Customs clearance
    Proof the vehicle has successfully completed the safety and roadworthiness inspection and emissions control test

Taxation in Germany

  1. Import Duty of 10% of the vehicles Cost and Freight (C&F).
  2. Tax at 19% of the vehicle Cost and Freight (C&F).
  3. Every motor vehicle registered in Germany is subject to a special motor vehicle tax (Kfz-Steuer). The first payment must be paid soon after registering the vehicle.
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