Lancia Evo 2 Tomorrow

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How are you? Tomorrow there are 3 Lancias at auction. The 1st Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione 2 will require some work on the paint however the engine and interior are both in good condition. I have added many pictures below and I expect this one to sell for around €26,000 EUR. Please have a look at the other 2 auction sheet for the Evo 1 and Evo 2 attached below. Please call me if you would like to bid. Thank you.

DCIM5712 DCIM5713 DCIM5714 DCIM5715 DCIM5716 DCIM5717
DCIM5719 DCIM5720 DCIM5721 DCIM5722 DCIM5723 DCIM5724 DCIM5725 DCIM5726 DCIM5727 DCIM5728 DCIM5729 DCIM5730 DCIM5731 DCIM5732 DCIM5733

DCIM5711 DCIM5709 DCIM5708

e_detail_pdf (4) e_detail_pdf (5) e_detail_pdf (11)




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